HANNA’s Pantry

HANNA’s Pantry provides nutritious food and essential products to Susquehanna Township's most vulnerable residents. 

Fall/Winter schedule

September 21 - Opening Day!

October 1, 19, 29

November 16, 26

December 10, 21

January(2020)4, 14

February 1

10am-noon, Saturdays; 6-8pm, Tuesdays

HANNA’s Pantry is located at Susquehanna Twp HS, 3500 Elmerton Ave. Harrisburg, PA 17109

(Formerly the Adopt-a-Family food pantry at Thomas W. Holtzman Jr. Elementary School)

If you know someone in Susquehanna Township who is in need of food, tell them about HANNA’s Pantry. They can register to become a member of HANNA’s Pantry by filling out the registrations forms. School staff can assist if help is needed. Forms can be given to the school counseling center or to the District Office.

Learn more about volunteering, contact us with questions or donate today!