Communities in Schools Pilot Project

The hanna foundation & susquehanna township school district have partnered to support our middle school students

Our school district is facing an ever growing list of issues including:

  • hunger

  • substance abuse

  • homelessness

  • lack of basic medical care

  • mental health issues

  • physical abuse 

  • economic disparity

  • safety concerns 

The Pilot

To address these growing issues, the HANNA Foundation and Susquehanna Township School District, partnered to form a pilot project with Communities In Schools of Pennsylvania. The pilot project is underway at our middle school to address these systemic issues and provide needed resources for students and their families.

what is CIS?

Communities in Schools (CIS) is the nation’s leading community-based organization that helps students succeed in school and prepare for life. CIS partners with schools to identify challenges students face in the classroom or at home. It then works with volunteers and community resources to provide those students the support they need to overcome those challenges. CIS has a proven data model that works. 

The HANNA Foundation and STSD in concert with CIS will do whatever it takes to help students succeed.  

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